Universal vaccine: weapon against zoonotics

      Brief Explanation

      Universal vaccination, by definition is a vaccine that can make the patient immune to several diseases with only one single injection. This is done by injecting multiple types of antibodies into human body. This vaccine is both rare and common. To say it's common, the influenza vaccines people use nearly every year is a poly antibody vaccination; to say it's rare, the rare diseases' vaccines are also used as a universal vaccine due to its inavailibility to infect one person twice in the person's life time. An example for this can be measle.

      Fig.1 An example of poly virus vaccine: Measle, Mumps and Rubella.

      source: deathbyvaccination.com

      The invention of Universal vaccination is based on the discoveries people made on the working way of Memory T cells. The memorial T cells are responsible for recognizing the bacterium that comes in from the outside world in the past period of time. When a vaccination for a single bacteria is done with weakened version of the complete bacteria, the T cell memorizes it. Yet it is only the antigen that works for the process. So it would be the same if we create a vaccine with all the antigens in it only. This is the concept of creating an universal vaccination.

      Fig.2 Picture of vaccine. Photo:tribune.com.pk

      Comparison between traditional vaccination and Universal Vaccination

      Universal Vaccine Traditional Vaccine
      Advantage 1 Takes less space: 1 = 3 traditional Takes 10 ml only for one disease
      Advantage 2 Takes less danger causes possible infection
      Advantage 3 Requires less concentration by the medical appliers Requires the medical workers to be concentrated for a long time
      Associations supporting research

      WHO is the main researching association of the society. the association did not only help improve health of the environment of earth, they also at the same time made effort on setting up organizations improving the living condition of people. Below is one of them: Gavi

      Gavi: the vaccination alliance

      Fig. 3 Source: www.gavi.org

      The association that is determined to help the poor countries with the immunization services, including providing teh countries with the vaccines that they need for their people, as well as providing the countries with a clean environment that supports a safe vaccine injection.

      The association have helped a lot on the use of vaccination in poor countries ever since the association started their assistan More importantly, the association also developed different universal vaccines. This is because the organization realizes a shortage of technoology support makes the keeping and transprotation very hard for a large amount of vaccines. They started this project along with the establishment of the organization. The organization is still working hard on the vaccines, while they are also keep using them on places including Africa and Southeastern Asia.

      fig.4 Gavi's process on supporting countries

      image source: www.gavi.org


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