Zoonotic Disease Project (Rui's dog) Melinda's grandma's cat These animals look cute, but do you know that they may also be carrying diseases? These diseases are called zoonotic diseases. It means that they can transfer from animals to people. This website is about zoonotic diseases. We want to provide the basic knowledge about zoonotic diseases.
  1. What is Zoonotic disease?
  2. Zoonotic diseases (also called "zoonosis") is diseases that can transmit between animals and human. When an animal is infected (the pathogen can be bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungi), and humans have close contact with the infected animal, the disease can be passed on from animal to human. Current classification of zoonoses includes over 200 diseases. [1]
  3. Common Zoonotic Diseases
  4. Commonly from ticks and mosquito bites: Lyme disease , Rocky mountain spotted fever , Tick paralysis , West Nile Virus , Dengue Fever , Malaria , Chikungunya disease , Yellow Fever , Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) (Click the name of the disease for more detailed information on the CDC official website .)
  5. How do these diseases spread?
  6. There are several ways that zoonotic diseases can spread between an animal and a person. It's important that people are aware of these kinds of contacts with animals that has zoonotic disease or is suspected to have a certain zoonotic disease.
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